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Robbie Shaw's work straddles dance and filmmaking, the old and new, theory and practice

Robbie Shaw is a lifelong mover who believes in the power of dance to connect, express, invoke and inspire.  She is passionate about dancing, making, and sharing her love for the form with her students, and audiences.

She has created dozens of choreographic works for both the stage and screen, presenting in venues including Dance Camera West, RedCAT, Wexner Center for the Arts, Artist’s Television Access, ODC/SF. She has had the pleasure of dancing for Neil Greenberg, Maria Gillespie (ONI Dance), Rebecca Pappas, Deborah Rosen, Kristina Isabelle’s HIJINK Dance, Dance Brigade,  and many others.  She has collaborated as filmmaker and media artist with choreographers including David Rousseve, Victoria Marks, Bebe Miller, Colin Conner, Stephanie Nugent, Cheng Chi Yu, and Lynn Dally.

Robbie has been teaching in the areas of dance and media arts for 20 years, at schools including CalARTS, Pasadena City College, UCI, UCLA, The Ohio State University, San Francisco Academy of Art, and a 2011 teaching residency/commissioning at La Salle College of the Arts in Singapore.  She teaches courses including Dancefilm, Dance and New Media, film/tv editing, Modern/Contemporary Dance, Dance History, Composition, and more. Robbie has also taught children’s dance classes and workshops, emphasizing the creative spirit and process. In addition to teaching dance, Robbie has worked extensively as a professional video editor, and has also taught classes in television editing.  

Robbie holds an MFA in Dance from the Ohio State University and a BA in Humanities from UC Berkeley. She lives with her beloved family in the Los Angeles area.

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